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D Lase

D Lase is a seasonal public art event conceived for Detroit. It consists of large scale kinetic laser art projected onto significant downtown buildings.

The Display
Conventional laser displays consist of simple beams and images. D Lase implements a unique modality called "Lumia", created by lasers shining through handcrafted diffractive elements. Lumia creates a mesmerizing moving pattern of light and shadows - moiré effects generated by interference patterns that only coherent light creates, all on a dramatic, massive scale. Our lumia will be juxtaposed with scrolling laser displays of sponsor's names and logos: an undulating overlay of art, commerce and sense of wonder.

The Setting
Architectural lighting has up until now consisted of static colors or LED based graphics. D Lase represents a new way of thinking about illuminating buildings. Detroit is full of large and beautiful buildings; canvases of epic proportions for our laser expressions.

To fill this space, we will use six laser lumia projectors, custom designed and crafted in our Ypsilanti workshop - two each of blue, red, and green. The projectors will be professionally mounted, configured and secured at a suitable distance from the building. The display will run from sundown (~9:00pm) to midnight each night, operated by the trained laseristas of Illuminatus.

To defray equipment, personnel, programming, logistics and compliance costs we will seek commercial/institutional sponsorships and municipal support totaling $2,500.00 per evening.

About the Artist
Mike Gould is an Ann Arbor native and laser artist. He has been working with lasers since 1972, and has made them his primary artistic focus since 2009. He exhibited an immense kinetic laser artwork at ArtPrize 2012. The work, entitled Stratus 10, went on to win first place from the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) for the most innovative application in the artistic division.

Mike also brought a solo exhibit of interactive laser art to the largest gallery in the Alden B. Dow museum of Science and Art in Midland during October - December of 2013. He also created and installed L is for Laser, an interactive educational exhibit for the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum during the summer of 2014.

With his Illuminatus Lightshow troupe, Mike has created, performed and presented for thousands of people attending cultural events at leading Michigan hotels. These include the Detroit Marriott Troy, the Hyatt Regency Dearborn, and most recently the Marriott Renaissance Center in Detroit. Illuminatus also assisted in the recent UM vs Notre Dame night game laser display, and the UM College of Engineering GlowOut the Diag event, lighting up Lurie Tower on North Campus. Illuminatus has enjoyed multiple appearances at Maker Faire Detroit at the Henry Ford Museum, and Ann Arbor’s FoolMoon. Mike also exhibited at the juried Tech + Art show at the Ann Arbor Art Center in 2015. He also exhibited at the juried DLECTRICITY event in 2014, painting the front of the Majestic Theater in Detroit, where the concept of D Lase was born.

Illuminatus Laser Team
  • Mike Gould, laser artist and founder
  • Bradley Cross, instigator, community relations
  • Steve Rich, legal, business development and logistics
  • John Langs, artist representative
  • Wayne Gillis, laser engineer and co founder
  • Zita Gillis, logistics, community relations
  • Tom Bray, technical adjunct
  • Donald Harrison, cinematic adjunct

Web Resources
Artist site: http://mikegouldlaserartist.com
Illuminatus site: http://illuminatuslasers.com
DLECTRICITY site: http://www.dlectricity.com/2014-exhibition/artists/mike-gould/

For a complete description of the project, Download DLase_Proposal.pdf