Best time to post on reddit to get the most upvotes

According to one analyst’s research, the best time to post on Reddit are 6-8am Sunday, 6-8am Monday, 8-10am Sunday, and 8-10am Saturday UCT.

However, this information should no longer be trusted, as it has been 3 years since then. Below you will find the current information about what the right time really is.

Let’s analyze some data and consider what is the best time for me to post to get more votes.

1. r/Askreddit

The Askreddit subreddit is remembered by most regulars as one of the very first sections on the site. It was created primarily for the purpose of reflecting on a variety of questions asked by other users.
The best times to post on this subreddit are Friday at 8:00 am, Monday at 7:00 am, and Friday at 1:00 pm.

2. r/Science

The name of the subreddit speaks for itself. Here you can find posts on various scientific topics and discuss current (or not so current) news in the world of physics, philosophy, astronomy, geology, etc.
The best times to post on this subreddit are Friday at 4am, Sunday at 8am, and Monday at 7am.

3. r/funny

This is the largest subreddit that has absorbed all of Reddit’s humor. A variety of memes, funny videos and stories await you!

By all accounts, the best times to post fun content on Reddit are Friday at 12 noon, Friday at 11 pm, and Wednesday at 12 noon.

4. r/Games

In this subreddit, you will find everything related to gaming, including board games, card games, and video games, but not sports.
It turns out that the best time to post here is Tuesday at 8 am, Wednesday at 2 pm and 5 pm.

5. r/Movies

This is a whole collection of new and long-forgotten movies and TV shows. Film lovers are always welcome here.
Monday at 9:00 am, Tuesday at 4:00 pm, and Monday at 11:00 am are the best times to post to r/movies.

With Reddit, you can increase your brand awareness, because it is a goldmine for marketers. You can find relevant subreddits to make your ads relevant to their users. To do this, participate in the life of Reddit, analyze statistics and become local in selected subreddits. Share useful information, interesting content and quality photos.

Spam on Reddit is severely punished, you may even be removed from the social network. So you’ll have to promote yourself in an honest way. But knowing just the right time to post is not enough. It is worth spending a little more time on researching your target audience, the principles of Reddit and the basics of psychology to achieve the desired results in the promotion. If you follow the rules, user feedback won’t be long in coming.

If you want to get the most out of your post so that it gets as many votes as possible, use You can get the fame you want thanks to the large number of upvotes. The more votes, the more popularity!

After analyzing, we can conclude that Monday morning (6:00 am to 11:00 am) is generally the best time to post on Reddit.

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